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With the recent news of Big Choice Brewing moving to Brighton, some questions remain as to why they were unable to remain in Broomfield? While we wish the brewery and long-term Chamber member every success in their exciting new location, it has come to the attention of the Access Broomfield Economic Coalition (ABEC) that support and advocacy on behalf of such businesses might, where possible, prevent future relocation decisions. Up until the end of December, the brewery was close to confirming its move to Vista Pointe Business and Industrial Park on W. 118th Ave in Broomfield, but according to Big Choice co-owner Andrea Miller, a variety of issues including mounting costs caused the deal to fall through.

While the full details of the deal cannot be disclosed, it is Andrea’s opinion and that of the members of the ABEC that general advocacy for their business could have helped them stay in Broomfield. That could have come in the form of assistance from business professionals that are direct members of the ABEC or drawing on the over four hundred members of the Access Broomfield Chamber. These are professionals who specialize in areas such as commercial real estate, financing and where applicable business law. Building on our already strong ties with the City through the Chamber, the Coalition has direct lines of communication with a variety of City officials who can weigh in on local economic development issues early in the process. Finally, it is the opinion of the Coalition that the City should consider specific economic development incentives aimed at growing existing businesses in Broomfield, a segment of our community that remains vital to our continued economic success.

Big Choice was quoted as saying in the Daily Camera that, “Broomfield will always have a place in our hearts” and we know this is true of many locally grown businesses. It is therefore the mission of the ABEC to support and grow existing businesses and industries here in Broomfield through our Coalition. Should you face similar issues in growing your business in Broomfield or simply wish to support other area businesses we hope you will consider joining the ABEC in our mission.

*Big Choice Brewing expects to open late May at its new location on 21 S. First Ave. in Brighton.


To learn more about Broomfield’s exciting new economic vitality program, the Access Broomfield Economic Coalition, click here.

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