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Nothing Will Change Your Business Faster Than Legislation.  


The mission of our Government Relations Committee is to educate and inform members in the business community on public policy and legislative issues that influence their business and to build relationships with all local, state and federal officials, connecting them with their constituents; bringing awareness to issues that pertain to the success of the business community.  Representing 600 businesses comprised of over 25,000 employees, the Broomfield Chamber is THE voice for Broomfield business.


The Broomfield Chamber of Commerce is a non-partisan organization.  Per our By-Laws we do not endorse candidates, but we do want to know their views on business and give them an opportunity to communicate their views to our members and the public.


We review business related legislation and take a pro-business stance, whether that means supporting or opposing legislation or choosing to take a neutral position.  We share our recommendations with the Broomfield Chamber Board to see if they agree with our decisions.  We want to speak with One Voice when representing the views of the Broomfield Chamber; the voice of business.


The Broomfield Chamber is a member of the Colorado Association of Commerce & Industry (CACI).  Our membership gives us a unique ability to provide our Members with the vital information they need to know regarding what is happening at the State Capitol and how issues may impact their business.   Our Members are considered an Affiliate Member of CACI and therefore receive their Capitol Report newsletter.  The Affiliate membership is an asset to our Members.  


CACI is the only business association that works at the Colorado State Capitol to improve the business climate for all sizes of business from a statewide, multi-industry perspective. What CACI accomplishes is good for all businesses, and that's good for the state's economy. CACI, in short, is the long-term custodian of the state's business climate.  


CACI is both the sword and the shield at the State Capitol for business: CACI aggressively fights for laws, policies and regulations that help companies. It also strongly opposes legislative and regulatory efforts that would harm the business community.  CACI's victories have saved businesses millions of dollars each year.  A private, non-profit organization, CACI's work is funded solely by its members.    


Here is an article from when we attended, "Chamber Day At the Capitol" on March 6, 2014:


Rally Highlights CACI’s “Chamber Day at the Capitol”

Pictured, from left to right:

Pictured, from left to right: Jack Llewellyn, Durango Chamber; Diane Schwenke, Grand Junction Area Chamber; Dennis Houston, Parker Chamber; Kami Collins- Delta Area Chamber of Commerce; Andrea La Rew- Chamber of Commerce of Highlands Ranch; Jennifer Kerr, Broomfield Chamber; Frank Ladd, Rifle Chamber; Kim Arnold, Colorado’s Women’s Chamber; Kevin Hougen, Aurora Chamber; Chuck Berry, CACI

Yesterday, shortly before 12 Noon, a rally on the West Steps of the State Capitol capped the inaugural CACI “Chamber Day at the Capitol” to highlight the role of state public policy in creating a healthy business climate.  The purpose of “Chamber Day at the Capitol” was to focus the attention of state legislators on important business issues facing the Colorado General Assembly this session.

CACI President Chuck Berry addressed the rally, and he was joined by a number of local chamber presidents.  Following is an edited version of Chuck’s prepared remarks:

Welcome to the Colorado Association of Commerce & Industry’s Chamber Day at the Capitol.  As many of you know, CACI is the state chamber of commerce and the state manufacturers association and our advocacy interests are statewide.  Our mission is to champion a healthy business climate, and to that end, CACI is supported by over 40 local chambers of commerce – the leaders of many are here with us today.

Private-sector jobs and the promise of the ability to succeed is our focus as the state chamber and the focus of Colorado’s many and important local chambers of commerce.

We believe that Colorado’s laws should support private sector job creation, and when it is necessary to regulate, should do so with the lightest touch possible to encourage our path forward.  We gather here today, together, to remind legislators to strive for a positive business climate – that enables Colorado’s citizens to achieve the lives they wish to achieve.

Mark Moses of Outback Steakhouses in Colorado has explained that a majority of their store partners started as hourly employees, hosts, servers, and cooks.  As profits enable new stores to be built, new hardworking leaders continue to earn advancement, becoming Managers and Operating Partners.

That’s a great example of why, when Colorado policymakers consider laws and regulations that impact business, they should strive to keep business costs low – to create opportunities for Coloradans to succeed.  When legislators and policymakers raise business costs, businesses do not expand and these opportunities are lost.

Whether in hospitality, manufacturing, professional services, or any other private sector industry, Colorado’s laws and regulations should support responsible job growth.  So today, the leaders of over a dozen Local Chambers of Commerce from across the state, joined by many CACI members, are here to learn more about what goes on in this building and to remind the legislators who work here to make decisions that improve the business climate and encourage business growth.

The following four chamber presidents then addressed the rally:

  • Kevin Hougen, Aurora Chamber of Commerce
  • Diane Schwenke, Grand Junction Chamber of Commerce
  • Jack Llewellyn, Durango Chamber of Commerce
  • Jennifer Kerr, Broomfield Chamber of Commerce

The four chamber presidents covered a wide range of business issues, including proposed restrictions on energy production, help for small businesses to bid for governmental contracts, concern over the closing of military bases in Colorado because of Federal defense cutbacks, encouragement of the aerospace industry, disparities across the state in terms of economic recovery, road and highway maintenance, tourism promotion, the importance of small businesses to the state’s economy, the local business personal property tax, the state’s complicated sales-and-use tax system, health-care costs and the complexity of the Federal Affordable Care Act and its implementation and rural access to high-speed Internet/broadband.

The rally followed a morning session at the Capitol for local chamber members and participants in the CACI EXECs Advocacy Program.

Loren Furman, CACI Senior Vice President, State and Federal, provided an overview on how to effectively contact legislators and testify at a committee hearing.  Loren was joined by fellow business lobbyists Gayle Berry and Joan Green Turner, both of whom are former state legislators.  Other speakers included:

  • Virginia Morrison Love, a contract lobbyist for Pinnacol Assurance, who discussed workers’compensation issues
  • Joe Rice, Director of Government Affairs for CACI Silver Partners Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company, who discussed bills and policies that affect the aerospace industry
  • Tisha Schuller, president of the Colorado Oil and Gas Association, who discussed issues and legislation affecting the oil-and-gas industry





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