Leads Groups

The Broomfield Chamber’s Leads Groups are designed to generate business opportunities by providing a structured environment where members can pass qualified sales leads to each other. Group members from non-competing businesses meet once a week to network, share leads and referrals, as well as share sales ideas and professional advice.

Members of our Leads Groups:

  • Increase profit
  • Learn how to pass and receive leads
  • Meet and develop strategic business partners
  • Gain exposure to like-minded professionals
  • Have access to the entire membership of the Broomfield Chamber
  • Create lifetime connections
The Broomfield Chamber currently has two Business-to-Consumer Leads Groups, and one Business-to-Business group. Each group is limited to one member per industry. However, if there is enough demand, we are always willing to create new groups.

Belonging to a Chamber Leads Group may significantly increase your sales efforts, since group members have the incentive to become salespersons for each other’s products and services. Members within the group become a marketing force for each other. This mutually supportive environment is what makes a Chamber Leads Group so powerful.

Leads Groups meet weekly or bi-weekly, at convenient times and locations around the Broomfield Area. Generally only one business category is allowed to participate in each group, giving you exclusive access to a whole network of business associates in a friendly setting.  Investment in a Leads Group includes a non-refundable annual fee of $80.

Contact Patrick Monacelli at 303-466-1775 ext 102 or email patrick.monacelli@broomfieldchamber.com for more information.