Chamber Leads Groups generate business opportunities by providing a structured environment where members may pass qualified sales leads in a non-competitive and mutually supportive manner.

Belonging to a Chamber Leads Group may significantly increase your sales efforts, since group members have the incentive to become salespersons for each other’s products and services. Members within the group become a marketing force for each other. This mutually supportive environment is what makes a Chamber Leads Group so powerful.

Leads Groups meet weekly, at convenient times and locations around the Broomfield Area. Generally only one business category is allowed to participate in each group, giving you exclusive access to a whole network of business associates in a friendly setting.  Investment in a Leads Group includes a non-refundable annual fee plus weekly meals.

Contact Sam Taylor at 303-466-1775 ext 105 or email sam.taylor@broomfieldchamber.com for more information.

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