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These are some of the things we get asked most often, especially by potential members. If you’re question isn’t answered here, or if you need more information on an answer, please contact Pat Monacelli at the Chamber.

Does my business have to be in Broomfield to join the Broomfield Chamber?

Your business does not need to be located in Broomfield in order to be a member. We have members from every city that touches Broomfield, as well some from Denver.

If your business does business in Broomfield, or is looking to increase its presence among customers in Broomfield, then it makes sense to explore membership in the Broomfield Chamber.

If my employer is a Chamber member, can I take advantage of member benefits, too?

Yes! When a company becomes a Chamber member, all individuals employed at that company’s address are considered Chamber members and receive privileges of membership. For more information on benefits and programs, check out our membership benefits webpage.

Is the Broomfield Chamber part of the City and County of Broomfield?

In fact, the Broomfield Chamber of Commerce is an independent, member-driven, 501(c)(6) nonprofit organization. The Chamber does work very closely with the City and County of Broomfield, as well as with other municipalities within our immediate area. The Chamber also works with other local, regional and state civic and government organizations, to strengthen and advocate for it’s members and the larger overall business community.

Who can join the Broomfield Chamber of Commerce?

Anyone can be a member of the Broomfield Chamber of Commerce. There are multiple categories of membership for those in in business, education, retail, food/beverage medical, government, and more. And we even offer individual memberships for those who are retired, or just want to expand their personal networks with local businesses.

And, your business doesn’t need to be in Broomfield. If your business wants to expand its presence in Broomfield and/or attract customers from the Broomfield area, then the Broomfield Chamber may be the perfect fit. Reach out to us at info@broomfieldchamber.com for more information.

What are the benefits of joining, or being a member, of the Broomfield Chamber?

A Chamber membership opens the doors to endless advertising and sponsorship opportunities that make your business more visible and successful. The Chamber also provides many networking and education opportunities, business referrals, connections, leadership development opportunities and much more.

The chamber also serves as a voice for local businesses in issues that are critical to the growth and health of our business community. Click here for a complete list of membership benefits.

Is my business the right fit for membership in the Broomfield Chamber?

We serve a range of businesses and individuals, so anyone can be a good fit! The most important qualities to have are the desire to expand your client base into the greater Broomfield area, and a willingness to engage.

If you will partner with us as we look to connect you to environments, experiences, and programs, we can journey together to benefit you and your business. We would really enjoy speaking with you about your specific needs and goals, and find the membership that would be the best fit for you.

How can I find out about upcoming Chamber and member Events?

In addition to highlighting events in our weekly e-news update (sign up on the home page), we also list all our upcoming events on our website. Just look for the link, and when you find an event that you want to attend, you can register online.

The calendar contains Chamber events and member events. Posting events in a benefit of Chamber membership, and can help you further your marketing reach. You can create your posts here.

How can I get more involved with the Broomfield Chamber?

Broomfield Chamber Members and their employees can get involved in a number of ways! Opportunities include attending events, participating in committees, volunteering at the Chamber’s many functions. joining a Leads Group and so much more. You can also offer special deals to other Chamber members or the public, and post your events on our Chamber calendar.

Let us know what areas you would like to become more involved in and we will find a match for your interests!

How does the Broomfield Chamber help me promote my business?

The Broomfield Chamber offers members a host of marketing and communications opportunities; Member landing pages, new member welcomes, opportunities to offer member deals and post jobs, member spotlight videos and write-ups, and much more. Additionally, the Chamber holds many marketing and networking events every year, including monthly Business After Hours, quarterly Early Bird Business Networking, Taste It Broomfield, and Broomfield Days Trade Show.

And remember, the more active you are in Chamber events, the more top-of-mind visibility you’ll enjoy.

Our company doesn’t do business locally. Why should we join the Broomfield Chamber?

You may not sell your product or service locally, but you operate your business here and that affects your bottom line. The Broomfield Chamber works in many ways to develop the community as a good place to operate a profitable business. Whether it is transportation, housing, or promoting our community as a desirable place to live and work, all of these topics – and more – have the potential to impact your business. The Chamber can help you stay informed and give you a voice on these types of issues.

Our business is going great. We don’t need the help of the Chamber. Why would we join?

When business is great and you think you are too busy to join the Chamber, that is EXACTLY when you should join the Chamber.
Making sure our elected officials are hearing about the needs of the business community…is the work we do while you are busy running your business.
Working with our local educational institutions to ensure a strong talent pipeline is there for the future of yours and other businesses in the region…is the work we do while you are busy running your business.
Developing the next generation of leaders for our community…is the work we do while you are busy running your business.
Providing a 24/7/365 marketing platform for your business through our online membership directory…is the work we do while you are busy running your business.
Fostering an environment that encourages new business startups and the relocation of existing business to the area (read: potential new clients for you)…is the work we do while you are busy running your business.
Other business and community leaders have shown their support to create the environment in which you are prospering. Won’t you help pay that forward to others?