Q. What makes the ABEC different from the City and County of Broomfield economic development effort?

A. With careful planning and forethought, the ABEC was formed in response to repeated requests from private industry for representation throughout the economic development process. In discussions with a variety of businesses across different business sectors the common theme was a need for a private forum to discuss pertinent economic development issues as well as an organization to keep private business up-to-date on local economic development activity. The ABEC is also able to leverage over 500 businesses within the Chamber to assist with business needs and provide the necessary resources for business success.

Q. How is the ABEC funded?

A. The ABEC is a program of the Access Broomfield Chamber however, with growing membership and an ongoing commitment from the local business community, it is anticipated that the ABEC will eventually be one hundred percent funded by its investors.

Q. How often does the ABEC meet?

A. Currently the ABEC Investors meet once a month with additional economic vitality events throughout the year.  Investors take turns hosting the meetings to showcase their business.

Q. What is the program?

A. The ABEC is focused on entrepreneurship and business retention and expansion, with the overarching aim of supporting the growth and development of area businesses. Details regarding that and our other areas of concentration can be found here.

Q. Is this effort separate from the Chamber?

A. The ABEC is an Access Broomfield Chamber program developed to benefit from the Chamber’s long-standing connections and partnerships within the community and beyond. It is an entirely private-industry led coalition, composed of a supportive group of businesses knowledgeable of the Broomfield economy and willing to share lessons learned and best practices.

Q. What is the level of commitment beyond Chamber membership and investment in the ABEC?

A. Levels of commitment to the ABEC can vary from a simple financial commitment with no obligation to members who wish to attend every meeting, host and even sponsor specific events. We do offer three levels of investment with various degrees of access per tier. We do however welcome all support and recognize our strength will come from a wide and varied collection of business professionals.


If you have additional questions that were not addressed above, please contact Sam Taylor, Chamber President, at 303-466-1775, ext. 5 or email.