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Welcome to Access Broomfield Chamber!


In November of last year, we held our annual Board Planning Session. Just like any other business or industry, we continually work very hard to maintain our relevance in the community. We learned something very important that day. We needed to address our messaging. This July marked the third anniversary of the Chamber’s Business Resource Center. Yet, there is still confusion about the BRC.  The perception is that it is a separate entity from the Chamber. The Chamber’s Business Resource Center is something we are very proud of and want to make sure we feature it prominently as one of our most successful programs.

Plus, as a Chamber in our 55th year, we want to do a better job of celebrating the successes of our Members and communicating the positive impact we have on our community. We also want to do a better job of promoting the partnerships and resources that collaborate with us to ensure the success of our business community.

It’s through our Members, partners, resources and collaborators that we are able to provide the access needed to strengthen our community and help our businesses succeed. Very few organizations are able to leverage this kind of access.

It was this revelation that put a spotlight on the new direction we are going. We have launched our new logo and website and would like to recognize all of the wonderful folks at Nuf Said Advertising for helping us create our new brand. We couldn’t have done it without them! A BIG thanks to Nuf Saiders Rick, Travis, Aaron and Jess!

We will continue to embrace being a Chamber for the 21st Century and addressing the needs of the five generations currently in the workforce. As a business ourselves, we face the same challenges as many of our Members. We know the importance of making connections, building relationships, providing support, creating promotional opportunities and opportunities for personal and professional growth. We cannot do any of these things without the financial support of our Members. They make everything we do possible and share in our success.

We began the year with our Annual Dinner that focused on Innovation. This will be our most innovative step to date as we plan to blaze new trails for the future of our Chamber, our Members and our community.

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