Written by: Christina Metcalf

tent creation takes a lot of time and energy in trying to find things that appeal to your audience. But a lot of the challenge is in thinking about what to post. If you know your audience well, it becomes infinitely easier to create and curate content they’ll enjoy.

The Three Rules of Good Content

Before covering items from your daily life that would make good business content, remember that all good content keeps in mind the three rules. The highest shared content does at least one of these three things. It: 

  • Entertains
  • Educates
  • Inspires

If you can do these things for your target audience, they are more likely to share your posts.

 Finding Content in Your Daily Life

Why is finding content in your daily life important? Because it keeps you from having to dig around and spend a lot of time creating what isn’t natural for you. The kind of content in the following suggestions are things you’re already doing and you can naturally capture those things in words, images, or videos to help make stronger connections with your audience.

Best of all, because they’re things you’re already doing or experiencing, they’re super easy and don’t require elaborate sets or set up.

The key to all of these pieces of content is creating something people can identify with and will want to be a part of. All of these ideas invite people in to your world, and thus, help them to better decide that they want to be a part of what you’re doing.

 Ideas for Content in Things You’re Already Doing

Most of these can easily become word posts, image memes, images, video, or even Live events. Vary the format and use the one your audience responds to most. Test out the formats and see which type gets the most shares.

  1. Your morning routine. What do you do and how do you do it? Many people are looking for tips to make their mornings more efficient.
  2. How you take your coffee. Share an image of your favorite morning beverage and then ask people about theirs.
  3. Capture your morning workout or show a funny picture of what it could look like. Ask your audience about theirs.
  4. Ask your audience whether they eat or skip the most important meal of the day.
  5. Show a picture of your pet sleeping.
  6. How do you get to work? What are the scenes along the way?
  7. Capture the natural beauty of the world around you.
  8. Have your audience pick out your outfit for a special event by giving them two or three choices.
  9. Take them on vacation with you by posting videos and pics. If you’re worried about safety and someone breaking in when they know you’re not home, wait until you return to share the content.
  10. If you have special language used by your business, like an industry term that no one outside of your industry understands, go out on the streets and ask people what they think it means. Record their answers or go live with them. Just make sure you get some media releases if you plan on using it for business.
  11. Ask your audience to tell you what they do in a GIF or emoji. Then try to guess what their job is.
  12. Take a picture and ask people to caption it.
  13. Share a picture or video of a creature you encounter during the day. Could be your resident business pet or even a grasshopper on your windshield.
  14. Take a picture of something very close up and then see if anyone can identify what it is.
  15. Ask people what you should have for lunch.
  16. Share your favorite question of the day.
  17. Invite your audience to a meeting by talking with them Live before it begins.
  18. Take them on a tour of your office, complete with stories about the things on your desk.
  19. Interview a team member.
  20. Talk about what day it is and what that means to you.
  21. Wear something funny and show people’s reactions to it.
  22. Give people a say in a decision you’re making at work, like should the design on your brochure be this one or this one?
  23. Have lunch with your audience virtually and cover a topic that’s important to them. Call it a virtual lunch and learn.
  24. Walk them through the apps and tech that help you be your most productive.
  25. Introduce them to people who have helped you build your business, like your local chamber or mentor.

Think about how you spend your day. You’re performing these tasks and visiting these places and people anyway. Take your audience along for the ride. Not only is it an easy form of content but you’ll likely make some loyal customers that way too.

 When they see who you are, they can make an educated decision about doing business with you. After all, people do business with those they know, like, and trust and these ideas will help you establish that.