The Family and Medical Leave Task Force was appointed by the Colorado legislature with the purpose of studying how to implement a financially responsible family and medical leave program for our state. The task force is seeking feedback from the business community on family and medical leave programs. See the letter below from Loren Furman with the Colorado Chamber of Commerce.
 The Family & Medical Leave Task Force has been meeting over the summer and held their second discussion last week.  One of the requirements of the Task Force is to accept public comments that they can review and evaluate.  As you are aware, the Task Force is required to provide a report to the Colorado General Assembly to consider for potential implementation of a fiscally responsible family and medical leave program in Colorado.  The public comments are an important step toward ensuring that the voices of employers and employees are heard on this issue.

We would strongly encourage you to provide your feedback on behalf of your business, organization or public entity.  The deadline for comments is September 27, 2019, and examples of comments could include but are not limited to:

  • How would a family and medical leave program affect your business, organization or public entity?
  • What do you NOT want mandated by the State of Colorado?
  • What you would prefer to see in such a program?
  • What would the budgetary impact be to your business, organization or public entity and its employees?
  • Would you anticipate any changes in current wages or benefits?
  • What adjustments would you make to your operations if an employee is on leave for 12-16 weeks?
  • Any other comments.

When submitting comments you are only required to submit a first name and last initial.  Comments can be submitted electronically through the following link:

Comments can also be sent directly to Admira Makas at, or by snail mail to Admira Makas, Colorado Department of Labor & Employment, 251 E. 12th Avenue, Denver, CO 80203.