by Sam Taylor, Broomfield Chamber President and CEO

November is the traditional time to reflect on what we are thankful for. One thing we are always thankful for at the Broomfield Chamber is our members. When some of them were struggling just to survive, others stepped in and supported them any way they could. When people were suffering, our nonprofit community rose to the task. Organizations in the Broomfield area have been there for each other, from the largest multinational down to the newest solopreneur.

We’re also thankful for our partnerships. Our collaborations with other organizations help us address the needs of our community and our local businesses. One of our key collaborators is the Broomfield Workforce Center. We are so thankful for their work supporting the abruptly laid off workers in early 2020, to helping companies find employees in late 2021. Their innovative programs to help people gain new skills as the job market changes is going to be key moving forward.

Another key partner of ours is the City and County of Broomfield. From the Economic Vitality Department and Public Health, to the Parks and Recreation department, they have been there to support our mission. CCOB knows that the key to a thriving community is strong connections between local government, for profit, and the nonprofit organizations. They have been there for both organizations, and individuals throughout this trying time.

Last, but certainly not least, we’re thankful for volunteers that allow us to fulfill our goals to support and advocate for the local business community. The Chamber’s staff hard to help others to find opportunities for growth. But our volunteers help make that work successful. Our Board is there to guide us and provide direction and support, and our Ambassadors are the best cheerleading squad in the state. Even those who volunteer for a single shift once a year at Broomfield Days or Taste It help support the Chamber and allows us to move forward every day.

On this Thanksgiving, we send special thanks to all who support our mission, and help our community thrive.